Subrahmanyapuram Review (2018), Subramaniapuram Telugu Movie Review & Rtaings!

Subrahmanyapuram Review (2018), Subramaniapuram Telugu Movie Review & Rtaings!

Filmbuzz123 Ratings: 3/5
Movie Name: Subrahmanyapuram
Cast: Sumanth Akkineni, Eesha Rebba
Producer: Beeram Sudhakar Reddy
Director: Santhossh Jagarlapudi
Music: Shakar Chandra
Released on: 07-12-2018

Akkineni Sumanth, who has been vigilant for progress, was most recently seen making a not too bad rebound with the romantic drama Malli Raava, which however was a disappointment at the box office, won basic recognition. Presently, he's back with his silver celebration movie Subrahmanyapuram which is an otherworldly a spine-chiller. 


The film starts presenting atheist Karthik (Sumanth) who looks into on old temples, and becoming acquainted with the prestigious Subrahmanyauram temple, he enters the town. A lot to the stun of him and the villagers, various suicides happen in a steady progression, and keeping in mind that peoples trust its because of some otherworldly power, Karthik neglects to trust it. Was Karthik ready to discover the purpose for the suicides and discover the suicides because of some divine power, is the thing that Subrahmanyapuram movie is about?


Sumanth as Karthik conveys a develop execution, quietly showing his doubt on myths and gods, and his revulsions of seeing paranormal and otherworldly exercises around him, and as common exceeds expectations with feelings. Eesha Rebba as the solid willed actress assumes a sufficient role to show her acting abilities, and she is superbly thrown.  Saikumar and Suresh are satisfactory and are thrown in strong supporting roles.


BGM by Shekar Chandra is frequenting and directs the dim subject of the motion picture, while of his melodies, with the exception of Saho Shanmuka none intrigue. Cinematography by RK Pratap catches the mystery of the town and the exciting scenes exceptionally well, captivating the gathering of people. Altering by Karthik Srinivas is tight, making Subrahmanyapuram a connecting with a flick. Debutant director Santhosh Jagarlapudi has made his presentation with a fascinating reason of a hero entering a town just to observe bizarre occasions occurring, and the equivalent credited to otherworldly powers, and the hero battling powers to determine the puzzle. The first half proceeds onward a moderate note, building up the characters, and towards the interim increases energy, exhibiting the central idea of the film, and the second half advances in a decent pace, with some intriguing scenes consistently, as at last the hero unwinds the puzzle.

  • Production values
  • Interesting plot
  • Music
  • Editing
  • Forced heroisms
  • Predictable Scenes
  • The pace of the movie

The film Subrahmanyapuram starts on a promising note, the pace is a worry, and hackneyed scenes, and superfluous valor at spots, other than the disclosure in the finale being unsurprising. All stated, regardless of an intriguing reason and great visuals, Subrahmanyapuram closes like a normal trip.

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