Kajal Aggarwal embarrassed with Chota K Naidu’s vulgar act at Kavacham Teaser Launch

While many film on-screen characters are turning out to talk on their 'MeToo' episodes and started uncovering the names of high rollers in film enterprises, senior cinematographer Chota K Naidu stooped to monstrous level by kissing Kajal Aggarwal freely in front of an audience, without her consent. 

At the occasion of Kavacham teaser launch event, when Kajal made reference to his name, Chota K Naidu quickly strolled to her, embraced and kissed her on cheek. This sudden demonstration of him stunned everybody in front of an audience including Kajal Aggarwal. 

It would appear that he smelled a discussion ahead, Chota pushed the entire scene on Thaman, saying that the last inquired as to whether we can kiss Kajal Aggarwal and he needed to indicate it. This clarification of Chota looks much less expensive and net, focusing on that his 'kissing' was not an unconstrained carry on of reverence, but rather a deliberate one. What's more, crediting a shabby demonstration done by him to Thaman is absolutely unpleasant. 

In spite of the fact that Kajal Aggarwal did not make a scene out of it saying Chota resembles family to her, yet his 'kissing' set off an unrest via social media. Fanatics of Kajal and haters of Chota's demonstration are smoldering at him and given us a chance to check whether the senior professional apologizes to Kajal Aggarwal on an open stage or just trusts that individuals will overlook the occurrence.

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