Climax of Rajnikanth's 2.0 Will Be A Visual Feast!

Climax of Rajnikanth's 2.0 Will Be A Visual Feast!

Director Shankar's science fiction film featuring Super Star Rajinikanth and Bollywood Star Akshay Kumar in the main leads is riding on exclusive requirements. A considerable measure of reports are being coursed crosswise over film hovers as the film approaches the D-day. The film will make them excite action sequences like Robot, as per the latest buzz. The pre-peak and climax portions will be the real feature and a visual feast to the onlookers. 

As per unverified reports, Chitti's smaller avatar in the climax segments will offer a great deal of entertainment. Initial portions of the film are somewhat serious with the character foundation of Akshay Kumar and the interval bang including Chitti's heroics additionally are being raved about. 

The film's principle focus is around action scenes which are touted to be never found in an Indian film. With more than Rs. 500 crore in question, 2.0 needs all of the publicity to open on a Baahubalian scale at the box office. 

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