Rumored: Ram Charan - Boyapati's movie will be delayed #RC12

 Rumored: Ram Charan - Boyapati's movie will be delayed #RC12

With the news of #RRR becoming the overwhelming focus all over, there began a talk that Ram Charan and Boyapati's motion picture will be postponed. From recent days bits of gossip ended up strongly that #RC12 will hit the screens in Summer 2019. Despite the fact that Ram Charan wrapped a noteworthy schedule of #RC12 as of late in Azerbaijan and began shooting for the film back in India before Dasara itself, there were gossipy tidbits that Boyapati got annoyed with deferrals.

At that point came a discussion that discovering mix dates is getting harder as Charan isn't accessible in said dates. At long last, it went to a point that Ram Charan will move to #RRR and he will continue Boyapati's film shooting just in January, making the film miss the advertised January date (Sankranthi) and go for a March release like Rangasthalam. There is no reality in this it has all the earmarks of being.

"In spite of a few gossipy tidbits which are being circled, #RC12 is on planned to release for Sankranthi 2019. We will report the first look details very soon", the maker DVV Danayya said in an announcement. The same producer who will make #RRR also. Anyway, with Charan's maker affirming that the film is set for January battle, it would seem that Sankranthi 2019 will turn out to be really fascinating.

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